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G-Force Packerless - Odessa Separator Inc


The G-Force Packerless Gas Separator is the only gas separator in the market which maximizes phase separation area where it matters. The change in the flow direction is the key to separate the free gas from the liquid. The innovative intake and  the  great  casing annular area will guarantee an effective gas separation before enter the chamber.


The simplistic and effective design is installed easily below the seating nipple and it can be combined with the Vortex Sand Shield to separate gas and solids

- Mitigates the gas slugs.

- Reduces or Eliminates the Gas locking.

- Multiple stages of gas separation.

The TAC can be set up above or below the gas separator.

- Highly efficient Gas Separator design.

- Separate the free gas to the backside.

- Yield strength of 72,210 lb

- In combined system, The Dual Flow system is used to improve

   the installation time and functionality of the tool

- Allows sand & gas separation when is combined with

   the Vortex Sand Shield.


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Neil Johnson

expert engineer

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G-Force Packerless - Odessa Separator Inc
Line description

  • Collapse Minimum: 11,950 psi

  • Hydrostatic Pressure: 10,000 psi

  • Yield Strength: 85,000 MIN / 95,000 MAX

  • Tensile Strength: 95,000 psi

  • Yield Strength (Thread): 120,000 psi minimum

  • Burst: 10,480 PSI

  • OD neck 1.89” with 1.09” ID


Internal view - OSI
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