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ESP Vortex Desander - OSI

The ESP Vortex Desander is designed specifically for wells where high lifting costs are  a  result  of  sand problems.  The intake slots are cut with a plasma cutter making them smoother and much more corrosion-resistant.


The OSI  Vortex Desander technology, employs centrifugal force, created by a helix to achieve maximum separation efficiency. This centrifugal force separates the smaller solids and deposits them in the tail pipe made up of multiple mud joints.


The ESP  Vortex  Desander  was  engineered  to  withstand  the  high speed of the particles avoiding sand “cutting” and system failures.

- Lower lifting costs, reduces downtime, and greater

  operating efficiency.

- Reduces pump failures resulting from sand damage.

- Plasma cut intake slots resist corrosion.

- Centrifugal force greatly increases sand separation



Our GV Cup Packer is a double cup design that guarantees the best seal. Our packer cups are molded from a durable Oil, gas, and abrasion-resistant elastomer compound that withstands wear and tear, even under pressure.



ESP Vortex Desander - OSI
Flow Line - OSI
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